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Note: Effective April 1, 2018, HangTime will require all jumpers to wear gripped trampoline socks while jumping.


Jump in all areas of trampoline park,  outdoor activities, games, (indoor and outdoor) crafts, water activities, and so much more!!!

May 18th - August  11th 2020
Monday-Friday 7AM - 6PM

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(camp shirt included while supplies last)


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**Not licensed by the state of Texas

  • Slam Dunk

    Slam Dunk

    Do you want to dunk? Who doesn’t? Test out your Hang Time at the Slam Dunk trampoline courts. 

  • Dodgeball


    Need a stress reliever? Want to throw something? Come on over to Hang Time’s dodgeball courts. Test out your speed, quickness, and agility. Oh yeah, and don’t forget to dodge! You’ll have no problem jumping over a ball since the court is on top of one of our state of the art trampolines.

  • Kids Area

    Kids' Area

    Parents unleash your little ones onto our safe trampolines while you sit back and watch. Don’t worry if they fall. Just snap a picture of them as they bounce right back up.

  • Soc-Air Court

    Come visit Hangtime's newest attraction Soc-Air! A mix between soccer and Foosball but with more bounce, Soc-Air is a great team sport where balls are thrown at the goal and not each other!